Monday, 10 October 2016

Conference Sunday

By Sunday afternoon we were tired of fighting the kids in trying to get them to watch conference, and of course we couldn't really listen with the kids yammering either. So we took a drive and played at a park and regretted it because the four oldest fought CONSTANTLY in the car.  And well, we had one incessant whiner too.  Lando and Jubal were the best behaved.  Anyone else considered muzzles? Just kidding.  Overall though, I think the kids did have a good time.  So I guess that was a win.  And we went over Battle Pass scenic byway, which was very scenic, especially with the fall colors.  And I decided to take the kids' Halloween photos in Encampment, so that was good.  And the Encampment park has an old metal slide which the kids' went down non-stop because it was so fun--tall and fast.  I love when I find parks that haven't taken out the really old equipment that are so much more fun than the new "safe" (boring) stuff.   And excuse the poor quality of photos, it was a camera phone from a moving vehicle.  :)

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Kayli said...

That is BEAUTIFUL!!! I live in a lame place.