Wednesday, 7 September 2016

More fun in Utah

The first day we went to Utah we joined Andrea's family and Lindsay's family and Grandma and headed to SLC to visit temple square.  It was hot.  The kids were pretty cranky, but overall we had a good time.  Plus, I bought a gyro for lunch so that made everything worth it.  And the way I loaded pictures is weird so it's hard to type under things, but I want a garden like the one in the picture down below someday.  Also I lost Sebas.  It's the first time I've ever completely lost a kid, and I didn't even realize it!  A guy came around at the temple visitor center and asked if I was Kami and if I had a son Sebas.  Yeah.  That was awesome.  Poor Sebastian was crying so the sister missionaries approached him and asked if he was okay, and then they let him watch bible videos on their iPad with them, while the guy came to find me.  Seriously it had probably been over 10 mins since we left him and I didn't even realize it.  I felt so bad.  But it didn't help Sebastian stay closer, when we left the building he was still wandering off some place else.  Errr. And then this happened.

From Facebook: Today I went to SLC Temple Square with a few of my sisters and mom. I borrowed a kid carrier thing to carry Lando on my back and he fell asleep and peed all over me. So I spent 2 hours packing him around on my back like that. awesome.

The kids had an awesome time playing with their cousins Ruth, Will and Molly.  I was happy they got a chance to get to know them.  Poor Molly was picked on incessantly by Jubal though.  She was not fond of him.  I babysat for Lindsay one day so her and Mom and Dad could ride to White Pine Lake.

Roxie wasn't really happy with the kids that night,  too pregnant and grouchy.  I completely commiserate with her.  And she just had puppies!!!  And one of them is ours!!!!  Yay!!!  The kids and I are so excited.  Leo not so much.

This is the dad.  We asked Dad to cross Roxie with a poodle so we could get a hypoallergenic puppy--both Leo and I are allergic to dogs.  Oh and that reminds me of the saddest thing ever.  Later in August, my kids were outside and I heard this horrible dog attacking noises and I was scared one of my kids were being attacked by a stray (there's a lot around here) so I ran outside and they were all weeping and crying because our favorite cat Merry had gone into our neighbor's yard and their boxer had killed it.  Not a good thing for them to see.  They were heartbroken.  But we convinced Leo finally to get another kitten, so we're going to get a grey one and name it Gandalf.  Our puppy is probably going to be Frodo.  :)

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