Monday, 19 September 2016


The second weekend in September was my brother-in-law's, Alex's, wedding.  They had the wedding in Island Park, Idaho, so on Wednesday, we drove to my parents' and spent the night there because we were dying to see their puppies and most of all, pick out OUR puppy!!! Yay! They had just started opening their eyes the day before we got there.  They were so cute, I was dying.  

Grandma tried to convince Jubal the puppies were nice.  He wasn't buying it.  Although the next day, he warmed up to them.  
We had to work on how Lando held a puppy.

These two puppies were the ones we deciding between, the two curly ones--one with quite a bit of white, and one with hardly any.  The one on the right won out when the kids voted.  So that's Frodo--our cutest little puppy ever!!!  All the kids wanted to take him home right then.  And I am actually super excited to bring him home too!  Which I really didn't expect to be so excited to get a dog.

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