Friday, 23 September 2016

Wedding Fun!

Alex and Amy had their wedding on Saturday afternoon and it was LOVELY.  Perfect weather, beautiful location--I'm so happy for them!

Leo looked so deliciously handsome.  Sigh, I should have taken 8 billion photos of him.  Good thing I get to look at him everyday.  :)

Amy with their little boy, Leander.

Ana with her sister Natalia, Jonathon, and their baby Sofia.  

So beautiful!!!

Sofia is a doll!  She is so cute with her big black eyes.

Martha wanted a family picture at the wedding, but it never happened.  They took this the next day after leaving.  Cesar, Orlando, and Jonathon, and then Alisha, Martha and Natalia.

Cute cousins!  Leander and Jubal.

Amy had us in a lodge with all the other guests who had children. My kids loved playing with the two other kids.  They were all best friends by the end of the weekend.  While we were eating dinner, Sebas said he wanted to dance with me, but the little blonde girl piped right up, "You are dancing with ME!" And she meant it.  She insisted on dancing with Sebas for quite a while, until the water and sand eventually called them away.

By the evening, people were  getting a little wasted, and our kids were happily playing in the sand so Leo brought out our fishing poles and him and Ana and Sebas fished for an hour before we headed back to the lodge.  That's an awesome wedding.  Hee. Hee.

My monkey children literally climbing up the walls at the lodge.

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