Friday, 28 March 2014

Mercer Aboretum

We have a lot of pictures like this.  Nicolas just wanted to join the group so bad.

This is how most of my pictures of Isabel look. That's why all my pictures of her are of when she's sitting.
Yes, my son carries around his blanket with him.
I know this might sound silly to non-Southerners, but we were in heaven enjoying this grass.  St. Augustine and Bermuda grass are just not nice and soft.  But whatever was planted here was heavenly.

I never get a straight smile from this kids anymore.
Maybe he gets it from his Dad.
Camelias.  How very Southern.
Must. do. it. all. by. MYSELF.
Care for a swim with the copperheads and water moccasins?
Marshmallow+dirt.  We were bribing the girls with giant marshmallows, not the cleanest of choices. 
My favorite part of the arboretum.

I love his little face!  I just want to squeeze and kiss him.
Isabel with a giant marshmallow shoved in her mouth.
Elena trying on my wig thing.
Ah, wonderful grass.
Oh, look, Dad not paying attention--let's smack him in the face! 

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