Monday, 17 March 2014

Ana's 14!

 Ana had her birthday this past week.  She chose hoagies for her birthday dinner.  Brilliant choice, I think.  Here she is opening a present from Isabel.
 And a present from Elena.

 Grandma sent organ prelude books, which is good since Ana's playing the prelude at church twice a month now. 
 And she got makeup, a makeup bag, and makeup brushes from us.  She's SOOOO excited to get to wear makeup now!
And she chose a mixed nut chocolate tart for her birthday cake.  Yum! 


Andrea said...

Happy, happy birthday, Ana dear!!! Love you!!!!

Lynn said...

Happy Birthday Ana! Hmmmm.......14 is HUGE! That means, Seminary, driver's learner license, going to dances.....Have fun!