Wednesday, 12 March 2014

The Evil Reupholstered Chairs

The before picture.  I really hated these chairs, and really didn't think they were even worth reupholstering, except that they are actually, really super comfortable.  And I like them now, but what was surprising to me was that the thing that made the biggest difference to me was restaining the wood. As soon as I changed that, I suddenly liked the chairs! This was back in September when I started this awful project. The chairs had originally just been scratched up be a cat. Then my children got a hold of them at tore the whole seat up. So I decided I had to either reupholster them or throw them out.  They look awful up close.  Seriously, I didn't do that great of a job at all.  But from a distance they're all right, I guess.


Anonymous said...

Kami…… they turned out awesome and I love the colors. I love your living room. The fireplace and the built in bookshelves. You did great.
Love you!!! Mom

jt said...

I love them!