Monday, 10 March 2014


I am NEVER EVER EVER going to try to reupholster anything ever again.  I don't usually swear, but I certainly let a few choice words slip with this project.

Funny Family Ecard: Well babe, you've definitely given a new meaning to DIY. It no longer means do it yourself but stands for how dangerously incompetent you are.


Lynn said...

LOL! I know!....NOT funny. But the way you said it was too funny. I have faith in your though, that in the end it will be awesome! Just like your sewing talents.

Kayli said...

You should have listenened to me and just not done them. Just kidding, don't listen to me, but then when you go to H-E- double hockeysticks for cussing, don't blame me. ;)