Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Galveston Train Museum

 On Saturday we went to Galveston.  Leo's parents wanted to take Sebastian on a train ride for his birthday, so we looked around and found the Galveston Train Museum, that has train rides. 
 I don't know that they enjoyed the ride down with us though due to all the crying and whiney children.  Oh well.

 The railroad station was pretty neat actually.  I really liked the statues of people.  Very cool.
 Okay, I really liked seeing their clothes.  Whatever.

 Elena and Isabel didn't know how these worked at all.  Hee. Hee.

 Playing with the controls. 

 Unfortunately, it was raining and so they cancelled all the train rides, because of the brakes not working as well when it's wet.

 Waving goodbye.

 The inside of the trains were cool too.  Only a lot of them were closed for renovations. 

The Mail train.

The end.

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