Thursday, 20 March 2014

This Thursday

 1.  Flowers are blooming in my backyard.  I took these pictures just to prove I can grow something.  I love ranunculus!  So pretty, and the blooms last so long. 

 2.  Lynn, I took your advice.  And I like it.
3. I framed our family picture too.  I never bothered to change it.  The frame was just one of the least expensive I saw on Amazon.  It's not even glass in the frame, but that's probably for the best in the family room. 

 4. On Tuesday Nicolas fell against the metal bed frame and this is the result.  The exact same spot as the stitches.  Lovely.

5. And then yesterday he took a flying leap out of his stroller and faceplanted it on the cement.  So now he looks like he's been brawling once again.
6. I taught my first sewing class today and I must have been more nervous than I thought, because I hardly slept at all last night.  The class went well though, and about 15 people showed up. 

7.  I turned over a new leaf and I have been waking up at 6:45 this week.  I've never woken up early before except when forced to by work or school.  It's been challenging.  By 9 AM, it's the perfect time to exercise because the kids are happy playing, but most days I have just taken a nap instead. 

8. I was trying to get a picture of both sides of Nicolas's face to get the full effect of his bruises, but he wasn't cooperating. 

9.  Leo applied for a job in Denver that he really wants.  But then he said he just wants to move away from Texas so our next child will be born in a different state, (we had one in NM, UT, IL, and TX).  Hmmm, I don't know if that's a really valid reason, but I'm all for it.

10. I was stalking on Facebook last night to try to gather photos of Leo's family for a photo album for his grandparents.  It was interesting.  Leo was shaking his head, but I told him my family was plenty interesting too.  ;)  It was also funny to hear Leo surprised time after time, "What! He's married!"  "They have kids?!"  Hee. Hee. His family doesn't keep up much with each other.

11.  Azaleas are blooming all over Houston.  I promise within the week I'll have up pictures of my girls' Halloween costumes and mine.

12.  Sebastian just came out of bed with a teddy bear zipped up in his footie pajamas.  "Look, I'm having a baby!"  Then Elena and him proceeded to have an argument about whether boys could have babies.  Funny, but I really wish they were asleep.

13.  I love Cadbury eggs!  Yeah that Easter is almost here and I can buy them.  Only sad thing is that I can't find the dark chocolate ones this year.  I did find the large chocolate creme filled ones though, and that was heavenly.  Yum!


Lynn said...

1. What?!! Flowers!!? Oh I am SO envious. They are gorgeous.

2. Oh! That's exactly what I envisioned. Awesome. I think it looks great too. You always have the coolest home decor.

3. Love the frame too!

4. OUCH!!!! Oh wow. Can hardly believe he's so full of adorable smiles.....that looks so painful!

6. Wished I was a student in your class! You might not

7. Ugh. Wished I could do that. Just can't. Not a morning person at all anymore. I use to have to be. But with teenagers coming home at late[er] hours as the years go by....I just got more and more of a night owl. Good for you!!

10. HA HA. Dean's family is exactly the same way. I always have to tell him what his family is up to. He has no clue somedays.

13. Seriously? Dark chocolate? Going to have to assume those are only available in the states. Boo.

Kayli said...

I love those kind of flowers too!!

I CAN NOT WAIT for the pictures of your Halloween costumes!! I have high expectation-- you better deliver! ;)

Poor Nicholas, it's so sad his parents beat him. :(

Andrea said...

Lando, you get tougher all the time.