Saturday, 1 March 2014

A really quick 13

 1.  Most important first.  Here's the front of the dress I made for Harriet with the leftovers from Miriam's and Ethne's dresses. 
2.  And the back.  The buttons are vintage from Grandma Walburger.  :)  They matched perfectly.  It's so fun to sew little baby clothes or toddler clothes.  So fast.  The whole dress was done in a day--during nap time and after the kids were in bed.  I hope it fits though, I had to make it width-wise size 2 because I just didn't have enough fabric to make it bigger.  It's size 3 length-wise.

3.  Leo and I went to the temple last night.  And on the drive home I was starving and every restaurant we passed I was salivating.  However, the homemade leftover pizza we had at home sounded better than any of the fast food junk, so I waited.  Yum. I love homemade pizza.

4.  The beginning of this week I worked excessively on trying to re-enter all of Leo's family history into my program.  And I found several ordinances that needed done that I had missed before.  Yeah!  Also I found a person for Ana to take to do baptisms for the dead for on the Youth Nauvoo trip this summer.  Yeah!

5.  I've also been working like mad on the sewing guide I made for the sewing class I'll be teaching.  I haven't finished yet.  :(

6.  We took the kids to the junior high play, The Music Man, this past Thursday.  It was actually surprisingly good.  The two leads were both kids from our ward--which there's only 5 or 6 or them in the whole school, so that's pretty impressive.  Elena and Isabel whined about going beforehand, but after they both liked it.  Elena especially.

7. How do people survive when they have to take their kids all over to soccer and piano, etc?  One week of it, and I'm done. Sigh. I mean, I'm used to doing it for Ana, but now it's Ana and Elena.  So much busier.

8.  You know how little boys like to pretend they are dogs or lions or things.  The last two days Sebastian has been pretending to be a worm.  Yes, a worm.  He wriggles on the ground and shouts at me that "Oh no! I'm above ground, I'm going to dry out!" and insists on giving my sloppery worm kisses.  Weird child.

9. I just told Nicolas (18 mos) to go play the piano, just as a joke--I didn't think he'd listen. He started squawking angrily, walked over to the piano, climbed up on the chair and started playing, the whole time continuing to voice his annoyance. How do kids learn so young that practicing the piano isn't fun? 

10.   Leo told Sebastian that he wasn't getting any presents for his birthday next week. Sebastian looked serious for a second then said, "But just some cars?" And Leo said, "Nope, no presents." And Sebastian looked down again for a few seconds, then looked up all hopeful, "Just little cars?" Leo shook his head, and Sebastian said again rather dejectedly, "But, cars?" I intervened at that point, poor kid being tortured by his dad.

11. I used French seams on Harriet's pinafore for the first time ever and felt pretty impressed with myself until I realized I hadn't trimmed the seam allowances small enough and they were poking out. Ruff. Oh well. And no, I didn't bother to unpick. Sorry Ands.

12.  Yes, I did just copy all those from Facebook, but I do have siblings and parents not on Facebook. And I really do have to write fast today.  The kitchen is waiting to be cleaned.

13.  On Friday we went to Elena's school for Field Day.  It was fun.  Hectic trying to keep an eye on Isabel, Nicolas and Sebastian though.   It was so cute though, at one point the three of them were chasing each other around on a big empty field while Elena was waiting in line to do one of her activities. Nicolas looks so big trying to keep up with his siblings and copying them.  I love it!  And that's it.  Boring perhaps.  But oh well.  Ugh.  Now on to cleaning the kitchen.  Sigh.


Andrea said...

Kami--I LOVE her dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Haws Family said...

Andrea--too bad it will be too small for Harriet and then you'll have to give it to Ruth.

Anonymous said...

Love it Kami. Great job. I thought you would be surprised at the play. Now, Jr. High is the old high school. I am glad you and the kids liked it.
Busy days. I am so glad in some ways you had to redo all the records just so you could find the ones you missed. Heavenly Father watches over all - for sure. Love you. Mom