Thursday, 19 January 2012

Latest Project

I have nothing to really write, but I'm kind of tired of my blog only having photos. So story of my life right now, I feel great in the morning, alright in the afternoon, tired by dinnertime, and throwing up at bedtime.
I was tickling Isabel.

Silly picture of Sebastian, but I do so love his big brown eyes.

He was hiding from me.

Sebastian's way too big. Good thing I have another baby coming soon.
And more tickling.

Peering into the camera.
Normal Sebastian.
Goofy smile Sebastian. And yes, he found a marker earlier that morning and I never bothered to wipe it away.
And here's my latest project. I finished one on Monday, and made the other on Wednesday. I thought they were so cute. But the girls could care less about them.
I had to bribe them just to get them to put it on for the picture.

Now, should I go sew for an hour? Or work on homework for an hour? ---Yes, I still have one class I'm taking, but I only have to attend one more time because the professor gave me a different syllabus and assignments since I've already had his much more in depth class on the same subject.

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Anonymous said...

I love the aprons!!! they are very cute! Mom