Saturday, 28 January 2012

29 photos

Yeah, I know, 29 photos is a lot. But it's that or do our taxes or proofread Leo's thesis.
I went with the photos.
I know that nobody really cares to see all these photos except my in-laws. So these are for you Martha and Orlando.
Anyway, it was a beautiful sunny day the other day, and Elena was dancing and wanted me to take photos.
So I did.
Plus, I think I was putting off doing the dishes. It was a win-win.

In other news, I'm going to the RootsTech Conference this week. That should be good. Not that I have any of the fancy gadgets that they're talking about. Oh well, maybe someday.
Elena's been really sweet this past week. She always wants to surprise us by cleaning up her room and she is constantly coloring, cutting and gluing, and giving me the results.

Isabel has actually been rather helpful of late too.
She's mostly her crazy self though.

This is Sebastian upset because he didn't want me taking photos anymore.

He was really mad by then.

But tickles helped.

Elena dancing.
This was her crazy dance. As you can see, she changed her clothes to the dress, because that was better for dancing. I think Pumped Up Kicks was playing.
Sebastian was dancing too. That boy loves to dance.

And eventually Ana came home from school and I convinced her to let me take her picture to show off her new glasses. Thanks Uncle Derek and Aunt Brooke!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Ana --- like your glasses. You look so pretty, it is a great pic of you. I like the pics, Kami. Kids dancing and singing. And it sounds like Elena is taking after you --- cutting, pasting, coloring -- does she eat the glue too??? hahahaa
Love you.