Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Capes for Christmas

So these capes really didn't make it in time for Christmas. I decided less stress was better than trying to frantically finish them Christmas Eve. But originally, I had meant them to be Christmas presents along with their princess dresses. To be truthful, I still haven't finished them completely, I have some hand sewing still to do.
Side view. The sewing pattern I used, McCalls 4703, isn't even meant to be a costume. It's more a fancy dress cape and capelet pattern. But I lengthened the capes out to floor length so that they could wear them longer and because really, doesn't everybody want to dress in a floor length velvet cape at some point in their life???!? If I had one, I'd probably wear it to go grocery shopping. Hee. Hee. Wouldn't that be fun.

Isabel doesn't much care for her cape. I bribed her with chocolate to put it on. But they've warmed up to their aprons, so I'm sure the cape will eventually get good use.
Back view and you can see the fullness in Isabel's.
Silly faces. I love these two crazy girls.
Elena LOVES her cape. Remember how she doesn't wear her princess dress? Well, the cape is a whole different story.
As soon as I showed it to her she put it on and in great melodramatic fashion whisked it around herself, and said in a scary voice, "I'm Mother Gothel, and I'm stealing the baby!" Above, you can see her as Mother Gothel singing to the golden flower. She insisted on this picture.
She also pretends to be Belle, because Belle wears a cape in Beauty and the Beast. Good times. I think they turned out great. They're exactly what I pictured when I first saw the $5 velvet curtains at a garage sale last summer. :) Makes me happy to have something I pictured when I first saw the fabric come to life. Too bad they ended up being a bit more than $5 as I couldn't resist the 6 yards (each!) of trim and then of course I had to botch it by cutting out a piece wrong on each. That cost a pretty penny because real velvet at JoAnns, even with a 50% off coupon, is not cheap. Errr..... But I love them (maybe more than my kids) so it's all okay. :)


Lynn said...

Gorgeous! Your kids are so lucky. ; )

Kayli said...

They're awesome! I love the Mother Gothel pictures. :)