Thursday, 12 January 2012

FYI: Steampunk

This post is for my sisters. I referenced Steampunk and none of them knew what I was talking about. Yes, I know I might be out there a little bit, but really, for their own sakes, they should be enlightened. I really have no good reason for them to be enlightened, but I wanted to blog and nothing else popped into my head.
So Steampunk is all the rage in the costuming world right now. I ran into it years ago looking at, you guessed it, historical costuming blogs and such. Yeah, I know it's not historical at all, but people who like to make costumes, like to make costumes. It's kind of taken over the ever popular Renaissance faires and the like.
For instance, there is currently 7 women's Renaissance patterns on sale from Simplicity and 5 Steampunk patterns, the picture above being one of them.
Steampunk is basically Victorian clothing based with an added twist of sic-fi and gothic, especially the explorer/mad scientist/Jules Verne type of thing. So you get things like this, a top hat with a bit of gadgetry added on.
Or this. Pretty nifty looking, I think.
And yes, I just stole all these pictures from somewhere and failed to credit the sources. But please take it as a compliment. This was a simple one, but I like it.
As I discovered at my first and only ever attended Renaissance Faire, people dress in psycho
things. I had to shield my eyes and Steampunk is no different. Beware if you google Steampunk.
And of course, there are people who choose to Steampunk their weddings. I always thought themed weddings were odd. I mean really??? What will your grandkids think? But here's the link to see what the rest of the wedding looked like, if you're interested.
And as Steampunk has become more and more popular, there are now Steampunk fairies, and Steampunk Renaissance outfits, and on and on.

Neat wings though.
And Steampunk home decor.
And even a Steampunk Vespa. And really that about exhausts all I wanted to say about Steampunk. And yes, I think people are extremely odd, but then given a good reason, (or even a not very good reason) I would any day dress up in a fancy historical costume, especially if I could wear a cool hat. And on that note, here's the latest three patterns I bought.
Old vintage maternity ones. I'll be pregnant over the summer this time, and most of my maternity clothes are winter ones. I don't know why. Plus, most of my maternity dresses are size S from back when I had Elena. Yeah, anybody want those? I certainly won't fit them. And practically half of the maternity clothes that I do have, I have to layer shirts to wear them, and in the hot summer, that really stinks. So I was thinking of making some cute, light, vintage maternity dresses. I'm kind of stuck with that anyway, because none of the major pattern retailers (Simplicity, McCalls, etc) have maternity patterns anymore. Errr... Or in the one of two they do sell they're the basic style of maternity tops I could buy at Ross for $5 without having to spend the time sewing. Or on the other hand, cut so low, I'd still have to layer. So how about view A above with a Peter Pan collar to update the look--still look vintage but less 1970's.
Or View A here in a cute cotton print?

This is my favorite (View A) because I think it will look not look vintage at all. But I have 8 billion sewing projects started and I've been doing nothing all day the last two weeks besides sleeping and trying not to vomit, so we'll see how far I get. Plus, I told myself I would stop sewing and catch-up my photo albums. But really---sewing is far more enticing. Plus, these maternity dresses really appeal because I won't have to worry about fit much at all. Just widen the shoulders and lengthen the dress a bit. I think I can handle that. So now I'm off to bed. Buenas noches.


Lynn said...

Oh yes. Steampunk. I've been looking at that stuff for more than a year now. Some of my kids' friends are into those clothes. Some of it I hate, but surprisingly a LOT of it I like! and wish that I was young enough to wear it. So cool!

Here's some of the cool stuff out there -- I think. Not necessarily something for me...and not necessarily steampunk either. Just think these are so cool.

Okay. I'll stop now. ; D

Anyway....Can't wait to see your next finished sewing project. I sure envy your talent with that!

Kayli said...

This post was so you, Kami. Some of it is way cool.

Andrea said...

Loved the first dress.

Andrea said...

As for themed weddings--I don't know, you are going to look dated no matter what you do. Maybe it isn't so bad to show you have a sense of humor. Or were way hip back in the day.

The Haws Family said...

I will take your size s maternity clothes! All of the ones Amy gave me were only a few capris fit me, and then only at the end. THe rest I have since passed on to Lindsay Ann.