Tuesday, 22 July 2008


My mother flew out today. Also my husband flew out today. Needless to say, reality flew in. Elena spiked a temperature of 102.5. Pork and beans had to be scrubbed out of the carpet. Isabel seemed to be awake at all the most inconvenient times. Etc. But, nonetheless, I am doing well. Ana saved my life today by getting Elena to leave my alone long enough for me to take a nice nap. It was heavenly.

This past weekend we had Isabel's baby blessing so my Mom could be at it. Kayli and Brett came with their family too. It was nice. I would write more, but I am trying to be in bed by ten so I have to truncate this significantly. Here are some of the pictures Kayli took however.

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Hanah said...

I love the pictures! They are so sweet, and tender! Especially the one of Anna holding your sweet baby girl, and all 3 girls together. All your girls are just soo gorgeous, you too!! Your mom looks so young! She is so beautiful too! I love your hair!