Monday, 29 May 2017


My kids sang in church today and did a great job!  They were not impressed by how much I made them practice though.  And of course, Sebas had to use the bathroom and went just before they were supposed to sing so I had to go find him in the bathroom, meanwhile Elena and Isabel milled around a bit in the front of the chapel.  Awesome.  Also awesome was that Lando sang the whole song too--from our pew.  My friend said it was like surround sound.  Ha. Ha. And Elena was sliding around on her shoes and wobbling back and forth during our before church practice so I told her to take them off when she sang in church, which she didn't want to do because it would be embarrassing. But I pointed out that almost no one would see.  Anyway, then the speaker after them told how the oldest girl was so comfortable singing that she took off her shoes.  Elena was shooting death glare daggers at me.  And after church told me very loudly that it was all my fault and then mumbled that she couldn't wait to move away. Sigh. Anyway, when it came to singing they sounded really good and Ana did a good job cuing them in.

Excuse the blurry pictures, my camera doesn't like indoor light, and I don't know how to fix it.

Lando made Jubal a lion and himself a tiger--you can't really see the black and orange stripes down his arms.

Life's been crazy and will continue at it's crazy pace for the next two weeks or two months. Not sure which yet.  There's tons of stuff going on with the end of school, and then Elena and Isabel have some 4H things coming up, Ana has Girls' State, and then her wisdom teeth being removed, and I have a baby shower at my house this Friday and I found out today that I'm not going to be released as camp director.  That's a little overwhelming.  I was fine at first with my three callings, but then I came to expect being released from YW camp director (cause I was told I would be) and now it just all seems a bit daunting.   I have Cub Scout Day camp in Laramie  next weekend.  We spent all Saturday working on building a deer fence and planting raspberries yesterday.  Pictures to come.  And I need to head to bed.  I'm exhausted and my fingers and hands ache.  Stupid carpal tunnel or arthritis (I'm not sure which).  And none of this really made any sense--just there's multiple things on every evening and every weekend till the end of June. I have all day things to attend, or one or more of my kids have all day events (one day it's three different ones) each Saturday and then girl's camp is the very beginning of July.  And Efraim's teething and fussy lately.  Ah well, one day at a time. And then we're going to Canada!!!  Yay for that!!!

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Kayli said...

Really good job singing! Ana plays well too! Singing is one of those things that I've pretty nearly given up because it is soooooooooooooo hard to try to get people to cooperate that it's just not worth it.

Your baby is adorable. And I love your lion and tiger!!! And I like Lando's shirt.