Sunday, 21 May 2017

Phone photos

A month or more of phone photos here.  Some of these were in April.

My friend Jessica and I trade babysitting quite a bit.  Her little girl Megan is adorable! And she loves Jubal.  She brought her chair over and just sat by Jubal for the longest time.

And then Jubal came.

Isabel and Jubal dressing up.  Seriously, I wish I could get Jubal to stop moving for 2 seconds.  I've never seen him more appropriately dressed then when he was wearing that viking hat.

How Lando stacks the dishes when unloading the dishwasher (and making a castle.)

My sister Lindsay made an awesome video for my Mom for Mother's Day.  The pictures were too cute to not post.  And here's the video.

My Movie from Lindsay Haws on Vimeo.

Lando and his letters.

Can you find Elena????

And we got our swing up!!! Yay!!  Merry Christmas kids!

Three days later our house looked like this.

Lando drew black and orange stripes all over himself that you can't really see--he was a tiger, and Jubal was a lion.

Jubal in the corner for hitting Efraim.

Our new sign.

My new flower arrangement.

And new book shelves.

And that's it.

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