Monday, 15 May 2017

Ana's Junior Prom

Ana had junior prom last weekend and luckily Mom and Danica were here to force her to actually do her hair nice and put on makeup.  She wasn't very excited to go--she was sunburnt and got a bit of a headache at her soccer game earlier that day.  Mostly, she didn't want to go with her date.  She was mad to find out that you actually have to go out to dinner in your dress, (and not sweatpants?!)  and anyway, because it was Mom and Danica they were able to get her to let them do her hair and makeup and take lots of pictures.  And then she went and had much more fun than she thought she would, but she still came home early because she had a headache, although she immediately left again with Tristan and Danica.    :)   Anyway, I'm glad it went better than expected.

And pictures I stole from Facebook.

And other pictures I stole off of Ana's Facebook as well.

This was Ana's dress pre-alterations.  The sleeves were funky.  She got it at the DI.  And my phone camera stinks. And it took a lot of hours handsewing while it was on my dressform to alter it--luckily my one and only dress form that is not adjustable, is pretty much Ana's size, otherwise it wouldn't have worked at all.  Anyway, I don't really know what Ana had envisioned for it, or even if she was happy with the results because she never really said.

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Kayli said...

Good work, you sewing warrior! Seriously kick-butt for a thrift store dress!