Sunday, 4 June 2017

Almost there

We are almost done with this school year!!!  YAY!!!!!!!  I am worn out.  It's been so crazy busy.  There was Webelos, Seminary grad, Soccer Awards ceremony, Preschool grad, bike day at the elementary school, archery, 4H cookie making class, 4H dog class, RS presidency meeting, YW camp stuff to do, a triple baby shower I hosted at my house, youth temple trip, 4H expo and classes in Cheyenne, talent show tryouts, piano lessons, bi-ward Memorial day picnic that Leo and I did all the shopping and prep work for--cutting tomatoes, etc, 1st grade awards ceremony, the kids were asked to sing Gethsemane at a baptism, and haircuts for Elena and me.

Leo and I skipped the Memorial Day picnic though and went to Fort Collins to buy a washer and dryer.  And then he took me to JoAnns and patiently waited while I picked through the patterns that were on sale.  I love that man.  And then he took me to Rodizio Grill.  YUM!   I was in heaven. And we only had Efraim for the entire day!!  It was amazing.  Our friends Andrea and Josh Williams watched our kids for us.  It was so nice.

So first a cute picture of adorable, squeezable, kissable Efraim.  He is such a doll.  I couldn't ask for a better baby.  He almost always sleeps through the night now.  Crazy, I know!  I'm not complaining though.

Ana at the soccer award ceremony.  She lettered in varsity, and got an award for keeping her grades above 3.5, and also was awarded All Conference.  Sweet!!!  Good job Ana!!!

Oh my word, I take back every negative thing I ever said about graduations.  Preschool graduations are not evil torturous devices created by the devil.  Preschool grads have no speeches and the kids dance adorably, and they want to be things like an "African Elephant" when they grow up.  I loved it.

Lando and Brooklynne and Filbert behind them.  They played the most together at preschool.  Brooky was the one who wanted to be an African Elephant.  Lando wanted to be a jet pilot.

I finally used the stamps I had been saving for 4 years for baby girl birth announcements.  Sniff.

Efraim was scared of the car wash.  I'd been nursing him while waiting in line.

Baby shower decorations done and tons of cupcakes made.  That was a nerve-wracking morning on Thursday--I made the cupcakes before a RS presidency meeting at 9 AM at my house, and I had hoped to have my three pans filled and ready to go in the oven so I could cook them during the meeting.  That didn't happen, which was good because I did have one pan ready and it came out looking like a cake. So then I stewed about it all through the meeting and added flour and and after 4 more cups of flour added and an additional 4 more test pans, the cupcakes were somewhat normal.  I had made a quadruple batch and so I ended up cooking cupcakes ALL day.  But I had enough to freeze to take to girls' camp and the wrecked batches I scooped into a ziplock bag for Elena and Isabel to make cake pops out of later. AND my friend said my cupcakes tasted as good as the $4 ones at the fancy bakery in Saratoga.   So it was all worth it.   They were chocolate cupcakes with a hint of hazelnut and chocolate fudge filling and raspberry cream cheese icing.

Hungry yet?  They were good.

And then I spent all day Saturday in Cheyenne--I took Elena and Isabel to a 4H expo thingy. They each got to take three classes and I finally learned how 4H projects work.  Isabel took cake decorating, the food cook off class and the table setting class.  Elena took the dog skill class, a photography class and then the table setting class.  I had the tires on Leo's car changed to the summer tires, and I spent a lot of time in Target, also went to Sally's and then I scored big time at Once Upon a Child because they had a sale on so everything marked with a clearance sticker was on 60% off.  I bought a ton of shorts and shirts for Jubal, because all the hand-me-down clothes that I was given and then worn by Sebastian and Lando were completely  worn out. I threw away 4 shorts with holes in the bum this spring.  And the shirts are all fairly trashed.  And it was really nice to just spend time on the drive with Elena and Isabel.  Efraim came too of course.

And to end on Efraim again--I got this awesome onesie for him!!!  I love it.

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