Sunday, 14 May 2017

Ana and Soccer

Ana's soccer team is going to state!!! Yay!!  They won their last two games--one we went to the weekend before with my parents, my sister Amy and Danica my niece.  The action shots are from that game.  The other pictures are from a Facebook post of some random guy because Ana doesn't actually share any photos/info etc. with me.  Yay.  But I am excited for her to go. It's the first time ever that the Outlaws have made it to state. Actually, she did tell me about how their bus was escorted out of town by the police and fire trucks. I love small towns. :) I do have other things to post, but unfortunately I set my camera up wrong (I was trying to set it to burst shooting at Ana's game and then messed up the camera for the whole weekend) and so hopefully Mom will send me pictures soon of Ana's prom, and of Efraim's baby blessing.  

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