Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Guy Smiley and life

We only get glimpses of the sunset since our house faces East and the ridge is right behind us.  But it looked pretty cool that day. I'd kind of hate to face west anyway, because then we'd be constantly getting the full force of Wyoming wind.

Jubal looking innocent.  Don't believe it.  Although I have to say that Jubal and Lando play together SOOOOOO well.  All Lando and Sebastian do is bicker.  Sigh.

Leo being AH-MAZING and making pancakes the night before so all I have to do is cook them in the morning.  Then I can sleep longer.  See, he is amazing.

Sebas doing dishes.

And Efraim and his constant smile!!!!!   I love this kid sooooo much!!!!

It snowed and it was wet heavy spring snow (most the winter it's light and just blows and drifts, you can't make anything with it).  Sebas was so excited he never even came in to take off his book bag.

Isabel thought she looked like a Roman girl.

And that's it.  Only I've been so incredibly busy.  I got put in a third calling, so YW camp director, Webelos leader, and now RS secretary.  I spent a week straight just doing church callings--every day, all day.  But now I think I'm caught up for a bit. I'm supposed to be released from YW camp director so that's good.  But I finished our ward's camp flag, and we had a bi-ward dinner at our house so the girls could get their meal cooked for their requirements.  We had delicious beef and cheese sandwiches grilled in the fire with sautéed onions and peppers on them, watermelon and a dutch oven dessert.  I also hemmed two dresses for a wedding.  That was brutal.  I am not a professional seamstress at all.  Remind me of that if anyone asks me to hem poly chiffon again and nasty knit chiffon type stuff.

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Kayli said...

Oh Efraim!!!!!!!!!!!!! *heart eyes*