Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Houston's Children's Museum

 Two weeks ago (almost) we went with our little co-op preschool group to Houston's Children's Museum.  I've been to several children's museums now (Naperville in IL, Phoenix in AZ, Discovery Gateway in UT, Bogotá's in Colombia) and this one is by far the BEST.  My kids could have stayed there all week and not got bored.
 This is the street of the play city they had.
 Sebastian driving the ambulance.
 Isabel and Elena spent most of their time in the veterinarian clinic.

 Sorry, that's kind of repetitive pictures, but they were so intent.  So fun.
 This was across the street at the diner.
 And you can see a little bit of the Art Academy next door.  There was also a grocery store that they loved.

 We spent two hours outside where they played in the water.  We also went to another floor that you could build things.  Really, really cool things!  Out of paper mostly but then they had a launcher system to test your paper airplane in. And legos to build a car and a huge pinewood derby track to race it in. Etc.

One of our friends from preschool, squirting the water gun.

 And one of Isabel's best friends, Abby, aka Brave.  We were discussing redheads later at a baby shower and someone was mentioning how Abby's mom always says people ask to touch Abby's hair, and they didn't believe her till we were at the museum and not only did they start touching Abby's hair, but asked to take a picture.  It reminded me of all the stories Kayli tells me about her redheaded family.

And the end.  Although the kids are begging to go again.  And yes, I pulled Elena out of her prison school to take her.  And no I don't feel bad about it at all.


Andrea said...

But not the stories I tell about my redheaded family?? Just Kayli has a redheaded family? I don't know if our relationship can handle this slight.

jt said...

Hahahahaha. I'm glad you took Elena. She probably learned a lot more from that outing! You are such a great mother.
That museum is making me jealous. We should come visit you in Houston just so we can go to that!