Friday, 25 January 2013

Wistfully dreaming

While looking for houses in our neighborhood, I found this gem.  I don't really like the front at all, but whatever.

I ADORE the kitchen.  The colors, the light fixture, the blinds, everything.  Love it.  
 It's so perfect.

 Okay, and I know the furniture doesn't come with the house, but I think that's mostly why I love it so much.  Well, I love all the windows too.  But I LOVE how they decorated.  Seriously I would decorate the same way if I had the moulah.  Well, maybe with a awesome picture above the fireplace instead of the ugly wreath.

 Leo just commented that we would be living in an empty house if we moved there, because we have no furniture and no money for furniture, so this room would just be...empty.  Ah well, this is why I said wistfully dreaming.
 See all the gorgeous windows with the beautiful light!  Ah.
 And this fabulous patio.  Heaven.  Anyway, you can see the rest of the house here.  And it's not really in our price range, and it already has an option pending, but it killed searching for other houses tonight because it's just so lovely.  Someday.

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The Haws Family said...

I love the kitchen. The colors are beautiful. I would take it all as well. Also, your roses look beautiful. I'm jealous. We have ice, your have roses. Can we trade places for a couple months?