Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Nicolas and his kissable, squeezable chubby cheeks

I love Nicolas and his chubby cheeks.  And so does Isabel.  She says she's going to marry him.  Other times she says she's going to raise him when she gets big.

 Ignoring the camera to eat his toes.

 Really, Mom, more pictures?  (Notice he can do the eyebrow thing-- I love it!)
 Yum, my shirt.
 I love the smile!
 Ah, Isabel.  My crazy one.
 Isabel always wants to "hold" Nicolas.
 He's actually quite good about it.  It takes awhile before he starts to cry.

 Then Isabel took some pictures for me. 
 Yum, Mom's scarf!  (You should see him with his two fists in his mouth.) 

 Elena kindly posed for me.  
 Love it!
 Ana wouldn't pose at first.

 She was happy to show off her ropes!

Braided them herself.  She's gotten very good.  Better than me, that's for sure.  And that's the end for tonight.  


Lindsay Ann Rasmussen said...

ANA! LOVE your hair!! Come and do mine mmkay!

The Haws Family said...

Tell Ana her hair looks AWESOME!!