Friday, 1 February 2013

Projects 101, 102, 103.......

I was feeling a bit underwhelmed after Halloween as far as sewing went.  I did sew two dresses for my nieces, but that was like a week project.  And then after Christmas and all my company went home, I cut out all the pieces for two princess dresses for Elena and Isabel, but then I was stumped on how to do the sleeves and I haven't touched it since.  And well, I guess I worked on my denim quilt a bit, planning it out.  But really that was all.  Not much.

But now...NOW...I feel more like my normal self.  My sewing room is PACKED with projects.  I just started a quilting class, so I making a sampler quilt for that.  Luckily for me, a kind lady in my ward donated to me a bunch of fabric, (really nice designer quilting fabric too!) and then I found some more of it on Ebay, so the quilt will only cost me roughly $45 without batting.  (So do I assume I'll live in Houston a long time and only put in the smallest batting like most of the woman here? Or do I go with something thicker?)  So there's that quilt.  Then there's my denim quilt.  Then there's the two girls' quilts that I could start cutting out.  (Hallelujah for my new rotary cutter, mat and ruler!!!  Thank you Martha for a wonderful Christmas present!) And I have the boys' quilts planned in my head.

Then I have the two princess dresses waiting, nicely cut out, except for the sleeves.  They'll also be the girls'  Halloween costumes. My Halloween costume is planned out in my head, and I'm just using stash fabric so I can start on that anytime.  

I have three dresses for me with fabric bundled up, one dress pattern with fabric for Elena, one dress with fabric for Ana, and two dress  patterns for Isabel and Ana coming via Ebay for our family pictures this summer.  I already have Elena's pattern for her family picture dress too.  But no fabric for any of them except mine.  

Then of course, I have the boys' Halloween costumes in mind.  Ana wants to be a mime again, so that's done.  And I have some embroidery things to do for the little girls' room.  

And two sisters asked me to sew dresses for their girls.  Some of those are for Halloween though, so no rush right?

Ahh, life is bliss.  And really, I don't expect to accomplish all those, but it's good to dream right? And being overwhelmed is how I function best, right? Rise to the challenge and all that.  

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Andrea said...

You're a sick and twisted individual. But . . . dream big.