Thursday, 24 January 2013

My Roses Arrived!!

Just some beautiful gardens for those of you not living in perpetual-autumn Houston.  

 And yes, this is one of the roses I just planted.  So beautiful.  Sigh.
 It's a Munstead Wood, and it's supposed to have a strong, spicy scent.  I can't wait.
 And this is my other rose bush.  Golden Celebration.  It makes me smile just to look at it.
 Ah, heaven on earth.

 Really, wouldn't you love to be able to make this arrangement from the flowers of your own garden?  Roses and sweet peas, what could be more perfect?
 Seriously, one day, this will be my backyard.  (Well, hopefully.)
 More sweet peas.  I have some in my closet, waiting to be planted.

 Also some Morning Glories.
 However, I will cry if my rose bushes die. Seriously.  Because so often this is the case.
And isn't this the awesomest patio ever!???!  If only I could convince Leo.

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