Saturday, 25 August 2012

Leo's Belated Birthday

 We finally got around to celebrating Leo's birthday.  He wanted rice and beans.  Sigh.  I also made him fried plantains and some steak too.  Just because I couldn't bear the thought of rice and beans.  They were good though.
 Umm, yeah.
 He also wanted an apple pie--and don't mind the burnt edges, he likes it better that way.  It was a delicious apple pie, best I've ever made.
 Happy birthday sweetie!
 And this is what Leo does in his spare time.

And Nicolas fast asleep in his new, girly swing.  So sad to be a younger child, I don't care if he has pink things or not.  And tomorrow I'll post again about our awesome outing that will rival any of the lovely scenery my sister posts on her blog in Switzerland.  Seriously.


Andrea said...

What is Leo's present? And all I could think is that with three on the bed the little one will say roll over, and that will be a problem. Cute, cute.

Seeing your table by a window made me all nostalgic for visiting you in Provo. Sniff.

Lynn said...

Happy Birthday Leo!!

I'm with Andrea....what was the present?

Kami said...

It was an iPod shuffle so he can listen to music at work.