Friday, 31 August 2012

A little of everything

I was trying to show my new haircut, but you can't really get the gist of it without a side picture (plus this picture is fuzzy) and I didn't think of that at the time. Plus, I've discovered I hate hair on my face, so I always tuck the hair behind my ears.  

 Like so.
 And do you recognize this?  Yes, I did another Pinterest project.  Only it's not finished yet.  I need two more picture frames and one more hook.  And I might add the letter initials, like in the Pinterest one,

 but I haven't been to Hobby Lobby yet to see what they have for wooden letters.
So handy though.  I had the same sort of thing up in my house in Provo. Only it wasn't so cute. And the next pictures are just because I love this furniture.  And if I had millions, I might be able to afford it.  But I'd still buy Kraft dinners.

"Kayla" Sofa

"St. Andrews" Leather Sofa

"Celeste" Sofa

   "Marrakesh" Bedroom Furniture


Lynn said...

Cute hair!

Cute ideas!

Cute furniture! Seriously.

Did I mention cute hair?

Andrea said...

Kami, that last leather couch was incredible. The perfect color of leather. Love it. Want it. Except not by my children. In my bedroom so I can gaze at it?? Beautiful.

I liked the bed too. Very you. Very cool.

Loved the organizational idea too. Are you going to put the kids' artwork in the frames or instructions?