Monday, 20 August 2012

Ana's Show Choir

Ana's Concert from Kami Latorre on Vimeo.

Ana was in our stake's annual YM/YW show choir this summer.  She practiced M-F from 9 AM-12 PM for two weeks and at the end, they had two concerts.  She said she had a good time and she completed one of her YW projects.  I'm glad she liked it and had a break from this kind of hum-drum summer, since she's had to babysit so much for my doctor's appointments and now gets to have a crazy, emotional, postpartum mother for the last couple weeks of summer.  She's so excited for school to start. I don't blame her.  I would be too if I was her.


Kayli said...

Super Ana! That was great!

Andrea said...

Ana--me and the kids loved it!!! Great job!!!!

The Haws Family said...

They were AWESOME!

Lynn said...


Anonymous said...

Well, I watched it Kami!!!!!! hahahaha
Ana ----- you were......... 'awesome'!!!!
Looks like a lot of fun and great to be singing!!
Love you. You rock!!!!!!
Grandma R.