Wednesday, 29 August 2012

A List

1. My sister's list inspired me to write my own list.
2.  If you're going to make a fruit pizza, DO NOT follow the typical recipes found online and use a sugar cookie crust.  Instead make a shortbread crust.  SO much better and more delicious.  I want to make another one right now.  I doubled this recipe and left off the nuts and chocolate.   So good.

3.  Fruit pizzas are really yummy.  And the kids were all very impressed.  Isabel exclaimed, "Oh Mom! Thank you for making such a PRETTY treat!!!"
4.  First day of school went well for everyone.  That's good.  I was worried about Elena.  But she was happy as a clam.  Although on the way home she was worn out.  Ana has some classes with friends and said it went well too.
5.  Everyone wants a picture taken on the first day of school.

6.  Ana had her picture taken after school, because I'm lazy and don't get up in the morning early enough to see her off.
7.  Clare B. Dunkle is a really good author.
8. I started another pinterest project.  Pictures soon to come.
9.  Okay I want to do other things now, and my list is pretty dull, so before I make it more boring, adios.


Natalie said...

Big Kids!

Lynn said...

Your kids are growing up so fast.