Sunday, 19 August 2012

Lando Sackett

So all of my family, well, Derek, my Dad, Andrea, and Kayli, all said they were planning on calling Nicolas by his middle name, Orlando, or Lando, because of Orlando Sackett (otherwise known as Lando).  Apparently Lando is a much cooler name than Nicolas.  So now Lando and his cousin Orrin (Orrin Bell) can ride the plains together like the real (fictional) Sackett cousins.  Now someone just needs to name a son Jubal and fulfill my father's dream.  He reminds us of that all the time.  Maybe next time.  
Leo. That's all I have to say.
 Apparently a pink chicken died in our living room.  (Goodbye feather boa.)
 Left on the floor like all the other toys.
 Just kidding.
 Leo again.  But that was pretty cute.
 Sebastian was mad when he saw this picture though.  He said, "Hey, that's MY bed!"
 Watching Netflix.  Lazy Sunday afternoon.

Elena was in the rocking chair.  She loves to hold Nicolas.  

 The gorgeous flowers Leo bought me.  I LOVED them. Oh, and to my sisters, I would have posted a picture of my new haircut, only it was POURING rain when we left for church today, and so when I arrived home, my hair was not really in a photogenic state.  We really need to get a huge, heavy duty umbrella.  It's kind of a necessity around here. Our little kids' pool in the backyard is half full of water from yesterday's  and today's rain. That's how much there's been.


Andrea said...

Dad calls random granddaughters Echo too. Go Sacketts!!!!

Has anyone else noticed that the prove you're not a robot letters are completely indistinguishable and if you type in something close the computer accepts it? Weird.

Kayli said...

He's so cute!! Talmage though, being a boy, was more interested in the car toy in the picture BEHIND Lando than in Lando himself. (Although he did say that Lando was cute.)

Natalie said...

I've missed talking to you. School starts again tomorrow and life will get so much easier. I was talking with me mom and we were talking about why this was such a difficult two months for me. We decided that school being out was a major part of it, but that the biggest factor was not having you there to help ease some of the stress. I've been really missing you around here.
Your kids are getting so big, especially Sebastian. Oh my goodness. It's funny to read about things that he says because he really didn't talk that much when you guys lived here, like ONLY 5 months ago. Wow. Can't wait to see the haircut.