Sunday, 5 August 2012

Home from Church

 I just finished sewing these dresses last night.  It's McCalls 6387.  I've had that pattern and fabric for over a year now and FINALLY made them because the pattern only goes up to size 5 and I didn't want Elena to outgrow it before I could make it.  As it is, I just added a couple inches to the skirt and apron for Elena.

Elena lost her first tooth?  Can you see it?

 Leo and Ana refused to stop for a photo.

 Ha. Ha.  I managed to catch Ana later though.  She went to a beach in Galvaston on Thursday with friends and was stung by a jellyfish.  She's okay though!

Oh, and no baby yet.  Ruff.  I walked two miles last night with Leo--we went to Dairy Queen.  (I would walk double that for a Frozen Hot Chocolate!) And while I had Braxton Hicks contractions the whole time, nothing else came from it.  Baby Nicolas is in big trouble when he finally arrives!


Andrea said...

LOVE the dresses!!!!

Lynn said...

I just have to say...

I LOVE your home and yard. So beautiful. Looks like a very peaceful neighborhood. YEs....I know it may not be....but it sure looks like it in the photos. I especially like the photo of Anna pensively reading there in the doorway.

Natalie said...

You did such a great job. I hope the baby comes soon, for your sake. Call me soon, we have no long distance.