Sunday, 21 August 2011

An Unfortunate Series of Events on Horseback

We've been on vacation at my parent's house. It's been fabulous. Fresh veggies from the garden, grilled steak, chocolate tarts (yes, I made another one--I'm addicted), and horseback riding.
Dad took Leo, Ana, Elena and me on a horseback ride up Logan Canyon on Saturday morning.
Since we're not experienced riders, and the horses are pretty young, it was only going to be a short ride.
It was beautiful. I can't believe how green everything is this year.
But then something startled Rio (with Dad and Ana on board) and he took about two five feet jumps. Dad said he lost the reins after the first jump, and then with Ana behind him, he couldn't manage to stay in the saddle. Poor Dad, he was still limping from when the horse rolled over him up in Canada. Rio took off running down the hill.
When Rio jumped it startled Casper, who Leo was riding, and he hopped a bit and then spun around and almost ran into my horse. Casper jumped to the side to avoid hitting our horse, and Leo came off.
I was on Smokey with Elena sitting in front of me, and my horse startled along with the other two, but I managed to rein him in, but then when Casper almost ran into us, he started again and almost spun us into a bush off the side of the trail. I was coming off anyway so I managed to slide off and keep my feet and I tried to grab Elena but Casper was still twisting away and I missed her so she hit the ground flat on her back and scraped it up some.
So yeah, all of us lost our seats and our horses took off, but lucky they didn't run far, and Rio came right back up to the trail so Ana caught him, and Dad caught the other two, while I tried to calm down Elena, and took a look at Leo.
As you can see, Leo caught the worst of it. His head hit a rock and gashed it open a bit. I think it could have used a stitch or two, but he didn't want to bother so I just washed up his head.
He's a good cowboy though, he got right back on. Elena, however, walked a ways before she would get back on. Rio kept acting jumpy for most of the way down. But Elena said her favorite thing she's done at Grandma's is ride horses, so I guess she wasn't too scared. Fun times.


Kayli said...

Unfortunate indeed!!!

I actually heard the story from Derek last night. I couldn't believe it. That is the saddest story ever. I hope you all feel okay. I also hope Dad will one day let anyone ride his horses again. ;)

How's Leo's head?? It sure looked bad-- did he hit the top of his head? Cause there was certainly blood in back AND front. Poor guy. Tell him that he wins for AWESOME WOUND.

Kayli said...

By the way, all the pictures you took before the rodeo are really pretty and nice. I remember going on this same trail and Ana fell off from behind Brett, but it was not bad at all.

And Hazel wants to ask all you guys if you hurt when you fell off.

Lynn said...

Oh my stars!! Glad you all are okay and it wasn't worse. Those pics of Leo's truly show the picture. Yikes!!

Kristi said...

maggie, jack and Sadie got to ride Maggie and another horse (can't remember the name ) around the pen. that was enough excitement for my city kids!
scary stuff- horses. they are big and scary to me!