Monday, 1 August 2011

Avoiding the Issue

I'm being absolutely terrible right now, and I'm not studying for my test tomorrow. But today I bought a lamp online (ours had an accident--one of many--and it was no longer functional) and I was desperate for a new one--yes I hate the dark! And well, I found this awesome punctured metal one from India that Leo laughed at when he saw it because he said it was so me. And then I couldn't help myself, I went from that to looking at rugs to coverlets and ended up in Nirvana.
Yes, truly Nirvana. I mean look at that headboard--I've never yet found a bed I seriously coveted, but this, well, this one ties with the one below for full-out coveting.
If it wasn't only available in chocolate or white, Leo would be very surprised to find a new bed somehow showing up at our house.
But, really do you see this interior?!??! I LOVE every single piece of it. Heaven. Ahhh....
And I love this one too. And every other single item for sale at this store. Seriously. Well, maybe not the paper maché deer antlers, but everything else. Anyway the store is called West Elm.
It is now my forever favorite store. And it's actually rather reasonable in it's prices. That coffee table was made for me. I love it!
And these vases?!?? They should be in my bedroom, immediately.
Again, how could you not love this room. It's so zen-like. My own personal style of zen anyway. Well with that, I really do have to study stupid subjunctive tense. Blah. I'll just keep reminding myself of happy thoughts of browsing West Elm.

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