Friday, 12 August 2011

Projects 11, 12, 13 (and sort of 14, 15, 16, 17, and 18)

Last month, just before the reunion, I made some caps for my kids. I had actually planned on making them for quite some time. I had seen some wool fabric at the DI thriftstore, and snatched it up with this project already in mind.
Plus, my girls sang "Seize the Day," for their reunion karaoke song, and they needed some Newsies caps.
Every child should dress like Newsie. Even my neighbor agreed. She made some for her kids after she saw mine.
That movie is classic.
This is random, but guess who I always thought was the cutest Newsie? (Somebody on the web nicely drew the arrows already in for me.) Ummm, yeah, see the guy in the lower left hand corner with the black hair, brown eyes, and nicely tanned skin, umm yeah. That's who I thought was hot when I was 14. Remind you of anyone? Hee. Hee.

Of course, Christian Bale isn't bad either. He actually had won me over even earlier.
With Treasure Island when I was 9 and Christian Bale was 14.
Yep, I've always thought Christin Bale was good looking, since I was nine. That's a little weird actually.
Sebastian didn't like being in the pictures.
The girls not cooperating.
Sebastian not cooperating.
Elena looking stellar in my scarf.

and now back to the story. The wool fabric I bought from DI was too thick and after I had made three almost complete hats with it, I couldn't sew through the final seam with my sewing machine. So those were scratched.
and so I started over sewing two from pink fabric I already had in my statch. Only those I made too small. Isabel barely fits the bigger one.
This is the wool one, I still like it the best. But you can't tell that the hat really isn't sewn together. Ruff.

So then I went back to the store later, bought more fabric and finally, five hats later finished the three hats for the kids.
all three the night before the reunion and a Spanish test the next day. Yeah.

But don't they look cute?
and I spilled water on the keyboard during the time I wrote this and the "a" key and a few others aren't working. So I have to paste in every a. I'm an idiot. But another proect (yes that's another key not working, but I'm not going to bother copying it) done.


Lynn said...

HOLY Cow! You are one determined and talented lady. I would of given up before I even started.

Those hats are so cute. Love them.

Hope your keyboard works again once it's dried out. Once are determined girl! I would of given up on the post. lol

Kayli said...

So so so soooooooo cute Kam!!! And I love Isabel's sparkly cute eyes in the very first picture. It was weird, when this post first came up and I saw the first picture, it was like I didn't recognize your kids. They didn't look like themselves or something. Or maybe I was just dreaming. I don't know. Anywhoo, looooooove the hats. The material you picked (for the final hats) is PERFECT and I'm glad the pink ones didn't work out because I don't like that as well. And your neighbor boys are cute too. And you are weird about that one guy you think is hot in Newsies. I think Spot Collins is the cutest. But it may partly be his personality too.