Friday, 12 August 2011

Another project and pictures

Elena being sweet.
Cheesy face, Sebastian.

Sebastian learned to say "no" this week. Leo was singing him a lullaby before putting him to bed, and Sebastian started saying, 'No! No! No! No!......" He also learned "duck" and "jump."
Seriously, his cheesy smile cracks me up.

Ana looking cute.

Isabel asleep after church.

Isabel after eating cookies and with her typical attitude.

And this is a random project that was thrown into my other ones. I made a skirt for Ana years ago in Chicago, but I made it with denim fabric, so it wasn't right for the style of skirt. So, she never wore it. I don't blame her either. It really wasn't very cute. She suggested I make it into an apron, and so I did. Worked out well too.
Isabel trying to get in the picture. What a loony.


Kayli said...

cute cute cute. cute girls. cute boy. cute apron.

Lynn said...

Love the Apron idea! Turned out really cute.

And I think our kids must be related......the cheesy grin looks very familiar. ; D