Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Yogurt--Attempt Two

So I'm trying again to make yogurt. Tomorrow I'll post a picture of the mess I made of my stove but as for tonight I'll just tell you what I did. Since it was too late to try the crockpot recipe, I tried a recipe posted in the comments of that blog post. Umm... I'll have to post the link tomorrow, but it's a link someone else posted for me in my comments during my last attempt. Anyway, I boiled a gallon of whole milk on the stove, stirring constantly, but was not quick enough to keep it from boiling over. Oops. Right now I'm letting it cool to 105 degrees F, and then I plan on mixing in one cup of yogurt (which is at room tempature), wrapping the whole thing in a towel, and then sticking it into my oven (turned off this time) and letting it sit overnight. Oh, and I'm going to add two tbls of nonfat dry milk to help thicken it, because I like thick yogurt.

I'm using Mountain High Original Style All Natural Yoghurt. (Have you ever noticed all the different spellings of yogurt? Crazy eh?) It has:
L. Bulgaricus, S. Thermophilus, L. Acidophilus, B. bifidus and L. Casei in it.
It tastes alright. But not as good as some other yogurts.

See what I really want is this: Dana All Natural Plain Yogurt and the rest of the writing is in some sort of Arabic. I got it at Valli, my favorite Italian store in all of Chicago. Valli, I miss you!!! Anyway, it doesn't list the cultures used. But that stuff was delicious!! I never liked plain yogurt till I tasted this. Yum. It does have a website though--oh joy!! I'm glad I found it though, now I'm going to try some of these recipes.

Also Omur Kaymakli Full Cream Homestyle Yogurt. Again delicious although not quite as good as the other. And once again the cultures aren't listed.

And yes I still have those containers, only now they contain homemade strawberry jam. Which will be perfect on this yogurt tomorrow--assuming it works. So that's that. Goodnight. Wish me luck!


Kristi said...

I hope it works for you! I just made my third batch of yougurt last night-,
if this one doesn't work- try it. if you are willing to give it another go! I find it isn't super thick though. might have to work on that! thick yogurt is better, I agree.

james and andre'a said...

I made the crock pot yogurt but it didn't feel like it set. I know exactly what you're talking about, the blue and white Arabic container of yogurt at Valli! I love that little place. I'd mail you some if it would keep...