Monday, 17 May 2010


It started out like this.

Then we went to Grandpa and Grandma's for a bit of horseback riding.Isabel loved it. Elena was more content to chase the cats.
We were lucky enough to help Grandma and Grandpa plant their garden. Yummm... I can almost taste the garden fresh peas and carrots and tomatoes.Then we went hiking in the Wellsvilles with Andrea's and Tim's family. Those mountains there. Man, am I a whimp. My heart was pounding and my bottom aching. (Okay, I did an exercise video with tons of lunges and squats on Thursday and I sure was feeling it.)
Leo was in charge of Dad's new firepit afterwards. From Smith and Edwards. I love that store.
Then we broke out the chips and hotdogs.
Sebastian slept.
Elena whined a lot. Especially on the hike. I'm kind of glad she kept her mouth full of food the rest of the evening.
Ana became a master marshmellow roaster. Seriously, she's got talent.
Elena cooked a hotdog for Isabel. But Isabel never moved from the chip bag. Then we came home. It was a good day.


Me said...

Awww, too much fun without me! Looks like an awesome time. Next time you're going to Mom's house, tell me--I want you to do some things for me. But you'll like it, because you like family history shtuff.

Kristi said...

that looks like a great day! I think we need to come to Utah some time soon and hang out with you guys!

Andrea said...

I'm linking my blog to your blog for the pictures. Thanks for getting a few random ones of us thrown in there amongst your kidlets since my camera card is full.

Anonymous said...

Hop on over. You are more than welcome to come anytime. Lorie