Wednesday, 28 June 2017

At the Platte River

There were tons of these birds flying SO FAST over the river and eating bugs and I took about 300 pictures trying to catch a close up.

This was the best I got.

Lando was so happy with the feather he found.  And Sebastian was so sad at not finding a feather.

And I was terrified that Jubal would fall in the river (very swift with spring runoff despite appearances.)  Luckily, all was well.

Our plans for a picnic kind of crashed though.  It was lovely when I started taking pictures of Isabel but by the time I was taking Jubal's pictures all the kids were huddled in the van for warmth and eating their picnic there.  It WAS cold and windy!  I swear the temperature dropped 15 degrees.  Wyoming,  I love it!

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