Monday, 26 June 2017

4H County Shoot

One of these things is not like the others.....

Waiting for her turn to shoot.  I have to say this was long waiting, but if we had got there earlier it wouldn't have been a wait at all and it wouldn't have been so hot in the rodeo arena.  And it's nice because once it's your turn you just keep shooting till you're done, and you can go home then.  So much better than a swim meet where you swim for 1 min and then wait for two hours to swim 1 more minute.

Yes, there was a gator to shoot at.

She hit the bear with all three arrows, but it's judged on if it's a kill shot or not (close to the heart).

Baggs (pop. 470) and Dixon (pop. 98) are super pretty.  Too bad I didn't know the speed limit going out there (70 mph) and may or may not have got a speeding ticket.  I kind of have an innate belief that all Wyoming roads have a speed limit of 85.  This is not true.

Hot little boy.

I saw this guy wearing these boots and immediately thought of this.  Is that just me?

Anyway, good times.  I hope my other kids want to do archery too.  I really enjoyed watching Elena shoot.  That's not the case with many sports.

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