Monday, 26 June 2017

Wisdom Teeth and Horses

All seven kids squished on a horse! (Almost!)

This was the jet that Lando made.  These pictures are backwards, this was after we got home.

Backwards--we were at Arctic Circle in Green River.  I asked Ana to take pictures because I thought the saddle seats were cool--these were what I got.  Not quite what I was hoping for, but still cute. :)

Ah, there's at least one picture with a few of the saddle seats.

And this was at Grandpa's-obviously.  We went to Utah for a couple of days for Ana to get her wisdom teeth out.  It was great.  The first nigh we spent at Megan's and the kids had a great time NOT sleeping on the trampoline. The next day I took Ana to get her wisdom teeth removed and Andrea watched the kids for me.  Then we spent most of the day at Andrea's just visiting and letting the kids play.  And then that evening we went to Grandma's ward picnic and pool party.  Which the kids of course loved.  And the next day I went and ran a million errands--mostly shopping for girls' camp and our camping trip.  That was fun, especially after the guy helping me load my van broke open a 50 lb bag of flour all over me and the van.  It was right after I told him I didn't care that he ripped open another box, just don't rip the flour.  Seriously.  I was very hot and tired by the end of that day.  But Grandma was so nice to watch the kids all day despite my grumpiness.  And Ana went on trailsides with Grandpa both mornings we were there, so I guess she was doing okay with her wisdom teeth recovery.  Then these pictures are from when the kids got to ride one evening.

Efraim's first ride.

My selfies with a horse.  Just because.

The horse was nibbling my toes.  I must have tastey toes.

Grandma and Grandpa live in paradise.

Landu's the next Trinity.  Actually, he was mad he didn't get to sit in the saddle.

A little swollen.

Jubal wasn't interested in pictures.

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Kayli said...

We all laughed at your horse selfies! And we all cried that we don't live by Grandpa and Grandma. :( :(