Monday, 9 May 2016

This is how kids should spend their days!! smile emoticon  heart emoticon heart emoticon Of course then Jubal started drinking from the gutter and Nicolas copied him and then Jubal started throwing deer poo and stepped in dog poo and then when I picked him up to stop him throwing deer poo, the dog poo got all over my clothes. That was not as joyous. But I still love that they can play outside all the time.

 So Ana's last game we left after the first 15 mins. after Nicolas pooed in his underwear. Then this time we made it through one half of the game (okay we came late) before Jubal nose-dived off the bleacher/stadium seating (about a 6 to 7 foot drop) onto the track below.  I was watching him but also trying to watch Ana play, and so I had Isabel trailing him too, but it's impossible to keep that kid from climbing on things.  Anyway, he fell.  I climbed down to get him and he was bleeding everywhere and I had to walk all the way around all the bleachers in front of everyone to go gather the rest of the kids and my purse to leave. Ana's coach and the trainer came up to try to help and two other ladies as well, but really what could they do?  I took him home and cleaned it off and decided it wasn't deep enough for stitches and that the gash on the inside of the lip also wasn't hospital worthy, so I called Leo to come home and buy some superglue to glue the cut under his lip.  But then he didn't calm down for so long that by the time Leo got home I decided that maybe we should take him in.  So we drove to the urgent care (which had just closed) and then to the ER but in front of the ER Jubal perked up and started playing with sunglasses and the window and was happy as could be.  So we didn't go to the ER after all.

 So we went to Walmart instead for superglue and yogurt and other soft foods. He's only unhappy about being buckled back in his car seat.

 We fed him a lot of ice-cream and yogurt and mashed potatoes, etc.  But he was not happy with not being able to eat other food, and on Saturday he cried piteously whenever he tried to eat (little bitty bites of waffle, etc).  By Sunday he was fine though.
 Thursday I also found termites swarming in our garage.  Errrr!  Luckily our house is still under warranty from termite treatment done last fall.
 And then we went to Utah this last weekend, and I'll write about that later.  But on the way we hit a crazy storm with tons of lightening and then hail/sleet that quickly accumulated on our windshield as you can see.  It was really loud.
And in Utah we saw Dad's new grulla, born just on Friday. And later I'll write more, but now I am off to do useful things besides writing on my blog.  The end.

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Kayli said...

Pretty sure I was talking to you on the phone when you took those pictures of the boys playing in the gutter. Also those termites look SOOOOOOOOOO NASTY!!!!!!!!!! and poor Jubal! But poor you for having to be in front of everyone when that happened :(