Thursday, 12 May 2016

YAY!!! My sewing room is finished!!!!!

YAY!  YAY! YAY!!!!  I finished my sewing area!!!!  As someone thought, it does look a bit like bar, but it's not, it's my awesome ironing table that I made MYSELF!  Yes, I am bragging a bit.  I made the ironing table, gate and the cabinet under my cutting table, and the desk where my sewing machines are.  All ergonomically designed especially for me by me.  I've gotten pretty handy with a drill and circular saw if I do say so myself.  Leo did help me with the kreg jig when I slightly miscalculated some measurements and had to improvise a bit.  Hee. Hee.  Yeah, I drew up all the plans myself but I tend to umm, just dive into to things.  I build like I sew.  ;)  Or not sew, do you see the huge pile of stuff in the white basket on the top shelf?  Yeah, that's my mending pile that I haven't touched for over a year.  I hate mending.  Anyway, the sewing desk took precedence over a bunch of other projects when Jubal learned how to get through my makeshift blockades and was daily strewing my sewing things all over.  So it's my sewing desk/fortress to keep Jubal out.  Hence the gate.  Really the gate is the key.  The cabinet at the end of the table has the kids' sewing machines and projects in them. The inside shelfs are scraps and not stained, but from outside it looks nice.

This is the ironing table I made completely.  For the sewing area, I bought an Ikea countertop and added legs, because I wanted it completely smooth, so no fabric would snag.  
The other side of the table I made another shelf out of scraps, so it looks pretty cruddy, but it's serviceable.   

In other news, I'm trying to finish up our pink bathroom.  I want to put wallpaper on the one back wall.  And then I'll hang the spinning wheel and flax comb on the back wall.  
This is the wallpaper I'm thinking of, but I'm not in love with it.  
This is the wallpaper I was in love with, but I found out this particular wallpaper was $116 a yard, and that's ridiculous.  :(  
This is another smaller picture I'm hanging up on the other side.  I'm also going but up a little picture and maybe make a crewel embroidery to go up by it too.  I really like crewel embroidery. Something like this:

This is my picture on the other side.  I love it.  Anyway, I need to find the perfect wallpaper.  Sigh.  Rustic, antique-looking, dark--possibly green, with a little bit a salmon to tie the tub and toilet and sink.  


Kayli said...

That is AMAZING!!!! Why are you so organized and I am SOOO NOT?! Sob sob sob sob.
You're bathroom already looks awesome--I love the painting and it's frame, and it will look awesome with the spinning wheel and other thingee.

Anonymous said...

You should see the wallpaper on our pink bathroom. It's textured ��


The Haws Family said...

AMAZINGNESS!!!!!!!! The tables, the kids shelf of toys, the bathroom...I bow to you.

Anonymous said...

YOU are AMAZING!!!!! It looks wonderful!!!!! and I like that you kept the sewing machines with your back not to the room!!! The shelf for the kids on the other side is a great idea. It is beautiful.. Love the pics and embroidery idea. Awesome!!!
Now - one other thought - remember............ dark colors make rooms look small ........... lighter colors make them feel more roomy. So.... with your bathroom ..... think heavily on dark wallpaper. :)
Love you.

Anonymous said...

Also- your floor is dark.