Sunday, 15 May 2016

Saturday Hiking

 Leo took the kids to go help with some service project, this is the first signs of Jubal being sick.  He's had a fever since then.  :(
After Leo got back with the kids from the service project he took them hiking.  He let me stay home and I did laundry, paid bills, and SEWED!  I had a rough week and am still debating about writing about it.  Anyway, he wanted to give me time to myself so he took all the kids.  Ana was at a soccer game at Pinedale all day.  They won!  And I had a good day too.  He said the kids were awesome despite it being chilly.  It looks beautiful, I kind of wish I had gone now.  

I'm not sure exactly where he went, but possibly it was Vedauwoo?

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Kayli said...

It DOES look beautiful. I'm a little jealous myself. And I think possibly you were sewing something for me, and that is super exciting!
Also, when I commented on your sewing corner, I think I said how you were so organized, but forgot to say you are a BUILDING NINJA!!! How do you do it?!?!?! You are so amazing and your sewing corner is amazing and you can do ANYTHING!!!!!!!