Tuesday, 17 May 2016

A little of my sewing projects I'm starting.

Ana's going on Trek this summer so I get to make her a dress!!!! Yay!!!!  This is my inspiration dress for her.  She reluctantly agreed to it.  The more simple the better in her mind.  She really probably doesn't even want a dress and is just humoring me.  Thanks Ana.
Just a simple workdress like these.  

I wanted to make a dress like this.  Ana vetoed that.  Sigh.  Guess I'll have to make it for myself.  And the rest is my hints for my kids' Halloween costumes this year.  It's going to be awesome.

 Gosh I wish I had a sheepskin.  Oh, wait I do!  But not a wooly one.  Sad sigh.

 This guy is not a reference to the Halloween costumes I intend to make.  I just added this guy because he's good looking.

And this guy because he's actually smiling.  You never see that.

And this, because well, this is just awesome.

The end.


Polly said...

Ikea sometimes has cheap shaggy sheep skins.

Kayli said...

Women riding ostriches for the win!