Sunday, 15 May 2016

Mother's Day Weekend

Last weekend we went to my Mom's house for Mother's Day and my little brother's graduation.    It was so much fun.  
 When we got there, I commented on how different Andrea's baby was.  And she told me to come admire her baby more.  Which I did, continuing to comment on how different she looked from the rest of Andrea's kids, and how much longer her hair had grown, and how she looked so different from how I remembered her.  Then Wyatt came out holding Andrea's baby, Annabel, and I realized the baby Andrea was holding was NOT her baby and that it was Wyatt's!!!!!  It was awesome!!  I was so surprised!  We laughed so hard!  Wyatt and Lindsay Ann had kept the pregnancy under wraps and didn't tell any of her family or ours, till they could see them in person and film our reaction.  Seriously so funny.
 Ana came and went horseback riding with Uncle Wyatt and spent time with Grandpa at the vet.  Leo and I ran some errands and went to the DI.  Wyatt's family came too, and then we ran into my cousin Clay and his family at the DI as well.  Party at the DI insued.  Pretty much my family is awesome.  Then that night we went to the Timbermine to celebrate Wyatt's graduation.
 The next day Kenzie (Wyatt and Lindsay Ann's baby) was blessed.  We had dinner and then came home.
 Dad had a new baby the night before.  It's a grulla.  Dad and Wyatt spent the weekend planning which horse to breed their horse to next.

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Kayli said...

Our kids are lucky they have an uncle as cool as Wyatt. That baby is sooooo cute!