Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Trip to Utah

So we made it out to Utah in the middle of the month.  I went early Friday morning since there was no school, dropped the kids off at Megan's and spent the afternoon running errands.  I seriously went to 6 or 7 stores along Riverdale Road.  Crazy.  Then that night when Leo arrived (he left after work) we went to the temple together.  That was nice.  Then not so nice, our ignition locked so when we came out at 10 PM (we'd gone to the 8 PM session) we were stuck.  Security came by and we called a locksmith, but they let us go into the tabernacle that was heated to wait.  Around 11, I had Leo call back the locksmith, who then informed us that they couldn't find a technician to come out.  ?!?!?!  So then we called another locksmith who arrived just before midnight.  I fell asleep on a bench in the tabernacle while Leo and him froze trying to fix the ignition.  Yeah, we made it back to Megan's at 1:30 AM and $300 poorer.  Not happy.

The next day Leo got up early and went with Ana and Myles and Lynnaea and met Andrea and Miriam at the temple for the kids to do baptisms for the dead.  And I got the rest of the kids up and dressed and as soon as they got back we left to go to Provo.  I really wanted to go through the open house.  We got there and AMAZINGLY got the very first parking spot as we went in the parking garage.  Then we went to wait in line, and was told it was a 2 and a half hour wait.  We had tickets for a play at BYU in 2 hours, and the kids needed to eat lunch some time before that.  So I took Sebastian to the bathroom while we thought about what to do, and as I came back the sister missionaries were going around looking for Spanish speakers.  Hablamos español, so we went with them and got to go through the temple immediately. No waiting whatsoever. We just watched the first video in español. A little mini miracle just for us, because we were actually going to leave and not go through the temple. Anyways, the girls loved it.  The boys were acting atrocious.  Ana had to carry Jubal because Leo was carrying Nicolas and I ended up carrying Sebastian.  They were melting.  Sigh.  Which is why we have one hastily snapped phone photo and not any nice picture.  Anyway, I'm so glad I was able to go through and take the kids.  So glad. :)

Then we went to Costa Vida for lunch where the kids complained and didn't eat their food for the most part, and then we went to BYU's production of Twelfth Night.  It was so good.  I love BYU!  Seriously, they make everything so kid friendly.  Love, love, love it.  All the kids loved it, even Nicolas.  But Leo spent the whole time out in the foyer with Jubal.  Sorry Leo. But he got a new BYU hat from the bookstore so he was happy.

Then we drove home and had an adult party at Megan's house.  It was really fine with lots of yummy food.  And the next day we went to church with them and had a big delicious dinner after and my parents and Ethan and Kourtney and Andrea and Tim all came.  That evening Leo drove home, and I went to my mom's.  I helped Mom with computer stuff the next day before driving home that evening.  All in all it was a great weekend, except for the after hours locksmith bill.

No deer, you can't come in our house.  (Our window on the screen door broke a couple of days ago.  The wind was blowing--as always--but this day there were gusts of 60+ mph wind and I was bringing in groceries and didn't shut the screen door behind me and the wind caught it and slammed it and the window shattered.  So then I spent 2.5 hours sweeping up glass that had blown across our entire 4 car driveway and was still blowing when I tried to sweep it. But I finished just in time because not 5 minutes after I came inside it started raining and then hailing and then snowing and it was freezing!  Before it had been windy but sunny.)  Anyway, the deer has his nose inside our house.
 Jubal liked them at this distance better.  He started chasing them at first but was not quite as confident when they started coming towards him so I picked him up and brought him in the house and they followed us.  It was funny, he stayed incredibly still when they were that close.  I took these pictures on my phone and my phone was inches from the deer.  Good times.  I can't wait to get a dog and chase them all away!

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Andrea said...

Holy deer--you do need a dog!