Sunday, 13 March 2016

Chariot racing and Sebastian's Birthday

Last weekend was super fun, and kind of crazy.  We took the kids to Saratoga and played in the Platte River.  Always fun.  Rivers and rocks, doesn't get better than that.  

Crazy kids, it was cold!!  There was still ice in patches and snow.

Then we had a picnic.
And then we went to see chariot races.  It was really cool.  Although it was forever long between each race because they had an auctioneer that was taking bets.  We only stayed an hour or so because we wanted to go to Home Depot and buy some lumber.
Ana took all these pictures.

Yes, I was sewing.  Are you surprised?

Anyway, we drove to Laramie to go to Home Depot, only I thought there was a Home Depot there and there isn't one. So then we drove to Cheyenne.  And we didn't get home to 11 or so that night.  It was kind of crazy. Oops.
We missed celebrating Sebas's birthday so we celebrated it on Sunday.  And surprise! Surprise!  We got home from church and Grandma and Grandpa were parked in the driveway waiting for us!  So fun!!!!
So they got to see Sebastian's mountain cake with the deer and coconut for snow (he was very specific about both of those.) Leo added the dragon.

Now ALL the kids want fishing rods!  But people give us trout all the time now, so no need to go fishing, right?   Anyway, he loved it.  So that's good.

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Kayli said...

You're so right---that cake is AWESOME!!!! I love it!! So excellent. And I love the chariot racing pictures. And you guys are cute.