Monday, 28 March 2016

Day One of Spring Break

We went with my sister Megan and her family to Goblin Valley for Spring Break.  We got there after dark the first night (Leo and I went to the temple in the morning and to Smith and Edward's for some last minute camping purchases).  Jubal snuggled up with Anders and stayed there the whole time we set up our two tents.

The next day it was windy like crazy and I spent way too long making breakfast but it turned out okay so that's good anyway (my first time Dutch Oven cooking).  The kids got endless rides from Myles and Leo on the dirt bikes and Ranger.  And we explored the old ruins of rock houses that dated back to when the area was being mined for uranium.

Then Megan's family rode their dirt bikes and Ranger down and around on a road that I thought was going to kill our van, and then we ate lunch and went on a short hike.

Devaney and Sebastian were pretty much inseparable.

Grandma can basically out hike us all.  Except maybe Megan.

Myles didn't want to hike so he tried to ride a tiny motorbike down a dry streambed.  It didn't work.Elena


Andrea said...

Awesome!! I want to go so much, but I don't think next year will work very well either with two babies and no water. In a few years.

Anonymous said...

Great pics. We had a great time!!!
So glad to hike with you and everyone!